The Douro Valley in Portugal is best known for its ports. But this vineyard, classified World Heritage by UNESCO, also gives rise to great wines, vinified using traditional methods.

Most wines and port wines presented here are vinified in lagares (large vats of granite) and trampled upon.

They are not filtered or very little and can thus have a deposit.

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port wine

The grapes used to make the port are sorted by category according to their quality: from A to F.

A quality grapes used to produce the "vintage" and "Late Bottled Vintage" or "LBV".







The tawny ports are aged in wooden barrels, which allows them to gradual oxidation and evaporation until a golden brown. The wine is blended several different years to get the port that matches the style of the house.
The tawny ports are typically mild and dessert wines, though here they are particularly popular as an aperitif.


The tawny without age identification is a basic blend from ports aged in barrels for a minimum of 5 years.

Tawny 10 Years

The 10 years of age is actually a blend of ports of several years and whose average age is at least 10 years.